The March Hare!

Hello to you.

Something I recently learnt about the Mad March Hare:
"We all remember the mad March hare in Alice in Wonderland who attends the mad hatter’s tea party, but where does that concept come from? The idea of the ‘Mad March Hare’ comes from the hare behaviour you’re most likely to witness in the month of March. The sort of behaviour you might see includes madcap chases and furious boxing matches. This is not ‘mad’ behaviour but instead the courting behaviour of mating hares. The boxing was commonly thought to be between two males battling over the favour of a female however they are more likely to be an unresponsive female fighting off a male’s advances."
I love the fact that it states that their behaviour is indeed not ‘mad’, it’s for good reason and part of their nature.
So often we are made to feel ‘mad’ or weird or misunderstood for doing things the way we know we need or want to. But we’re just rightly following our instincts for the unique person we are.
Miranda x