About Us

The Miranda Shop started as merchandise for Miranda’s stand-up arena tour in 2013 and has grown over the years thanks to the lovely and loyal fans who understand what Miranda stands for. 

In her sitcom, Miranda established her passion for encouraging people to accept themselves and freely be themselves.  Like her on screen character, Miranda reminds adults to keep playing and find the joy in each day despite all.  

By focusing on finding the fun, sorry, SUCH FUN, and nurturing kindness to yourself and others, you can nurture away from worries and be free to be who you are made to be. 

All Miranda Shop products reflect and support these values and are based on beloved phrases from Miranda’s work.

We’re proud to donate a percentage of revenue to charities that support people living with chronic illness.  Miranda has chosen Astriid (@astriidcharity) who help those with long-term conditions find meaningful work and CisfaUK (@cisfa_uk) who give emotional support through online forums, care packages, and in person.

You can follow The Gallop Team who run the shop on Instagram @themirandashop.  We post exclusive content from Miranda, as well as competitions and information on new products – come join the Miranda Family (Miramily)!