Slow Down

Hello to you.

I’ve surprised myself in the last few years in being able to really enjoy the Autumn and Winter. I now love the early dusk (good word DUSK) and longer nights, and as we approach those darker months, I shall tell you for you why, my lovely chum – and may I say you’re looking mighty lovely today…

You see, I think we’ve forgotten to go by natures seasons; and what Autumn teaches us is that we are allowed, and indeed need to, slow down.
 Imagine shouting at a tree in winter to hurry up and bloom! You wouldn’t. You’d respect its cycle of life and the need for its rest and dormancy to be able to blossom at its very best by Spring and Summer. You don’t think it is lazy for taking time to replenish, or that it is lesser for not having leaves for a season – it’s still utterly majestic and vital.  

Yet today’s culture still seems to applaud busyness. We get lulled into a false sense that we’re only ‘successful’ if we’re achieving, if we’re moving upwards in some way, gaining plaudits, awards, money, recognition, only ever saying yes and helping everyone at the expense of our energy. And what I say to that is – nonsense and no thank you very much to you please thank you! I know it can be very hard, especially for women, because we’re juggling so much. Our mind is full of the to do list for every family member, let alone what work and friendships we need to maintain and on it goes. But any extra pressure to feel like busyness is a measurement of our worth needs to fade away like the dying summer skies.
Miranda x