The Merry Month of May!

Hello and welcome to May (the month of May – I’m not introducing you to a person, though a hearty hello to any May’s out there…)

There’s a lot going on this May, eh? (RHYME)

All the bank holidays, half term, a Coronation – it feels like May could be a real treat if we’re able to treat ourselves well with the time off. (Don’t stop looking after yourself).
Each time you have a moment of fun in difficult circumstances you’re growing massive resilience, and it turns out – fun fact: May comes from Maia meaning the Goddess of Growth. 

So, happy growing this month – whether that’s in your garden, your height (ideally if you’re a child), spiritually, emotionally…. Or in my case width wise due to a discovery of Gluten Free Scone Recipes!

Have fun this May lovely one.