Best Friends!

Hello my lovely friends

It’s National Best Friends Day! Best friendships always makes me think of one of the favourite things I used to love to do in my sitcom. And that was run into a room to see my characters best friend Stevie. I would often gallop in shouting excitedly “Stevie, Stevie, Stevie Stevie…” over and over!

It always felt so joyous. To want to be in the same room, to laugh, to share something important, to cry, to cringe about what just happened (which was invariably what happened in the sitcom…)

If you are feeling isolated today then know that there are people that love the idea of running into a room saying your name. And you are allowed to ask for help. People love to help. We are designed to be friends to each other. So get galloping towards each other today screeching each others names in celebration!

Love oo