Wonderful Wobbly Bodies

Hello dear Miramily

Now, I’m wondering if any of you are in a similar position to me of being fed up with the niggling background voice that always worries about my body and all its wondrous wobbliness.

I know rationally that what we look like is the least important part of us, and that weight gain doesn’t make me a lesser person and is NOTHING to be ashamed about, for it tells a story and it happens to many people. And no one cares! If we’re healthy, and as long as we are being who we are, no one gives a fig that I can fit my glasses case under my bosom!

Yet. The cultural conditioning from being brought up in a world that told me that thinner is better is still there. Okay, sure, one of my values is fitness and that’s important to me, and I have naturally lean genes, so I feel better when leaner, BUT that does not mean I need listen to that inner critic that is furious for weight gain when it’s not my fault.

Let’s together fight this silly voice so many of us have.
Now, let’s all go skinny dipping in a pond. That sounded weird – I just meant to celebrate freedom from the inner critic about our bodies!

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Love oo