Big Busy Days

Big Busy Days

Hello to you lovely chum!

I have a little observation for you, on the off chance you’re interested. And if you’re not – RUDE!!

In my experience, since Covid or other circumstances when days might have become rather difficult and small, the things I’m grateful for at the end of the day are much more full of wonder and joy.

This might be because we’re more grateful for the little things when we’re struggling, but I think it’s more likely because it’s the little things we are designed to be more excited by.

When I have what culturally would be seen as a ‘big’ day – busy, working, productive – my gratitude list isn’t nearly as satisfying. I regret having not been mindful of the taste of my lunch, or the clouds in the sky, not taking time to walk slowly, feel all my senses, even if just for two minutes. Because in those two minutes the awe and wonder lies. Not on the laptop or iPhone. Not in meetings. Not in busyness.

Be productive, be busy, be big, but not at the expense of missing that life is really about the little moments.

Big love to you in this little moment.


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