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MIRANDA'S inBOX (not a euphemism)

Hello lovely you!
Well, the summer is ending and we’re heading into Autumn. And here’s a gentle reminder not to forget nature, getting out, walking (if you can), following the things you love to do outside.I know it’s easy to look at the...
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Silly Holidays
Hello to you, we thought some jolly holiday memories might be in order to bring cheer…I hope some of you had jolly holiday moments over the summer. Anyone savour a hotel room like my sitcom character would? Nothing like appreciating...
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The Queen & Us
Good afternoon to you, I’m thinking of you all today lovely Miramily, for I know that the death of Our Queen naturally causes considerable reflection on life.We’re together in experiencing the end of an era and I know for many...
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Big Busy Days
Hello to you lovely chum!I have a little observation for you, on the off chance you’re interested. And if you’re not – RUDE!!In my experience, since Covid or other circumstances when days might have become rather difficult and small, the...
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