Silly Holidays

Silly Holidays

Hello to you, we thought some jolly holiday memories might be in order to bring cheer…

I hope some of you had jolly holiday moments over the summer. Anyone savour a hotel room like my sitcom character would? Nothing like appreciating a tiny hotel kettle and sashaying over to the tea sachets…!

I pottered to Cornwall and had a few eventful moments, namely due to the beloved puppy Patti.

On day two she unexpectedly ran off, or rather seemingly took herself on her own kind of mini-break!

On realising she was missing and beginning my search I first found myself talking to a woman who said she would call for her when on her walk. She asked me her name and I said “Patti”. She replied rather crossly “Well I’m not calling her that?” “Oh” I said rather surprised. “I will look like I’ve lost the plot,” she continued. I didn’t understand until she explained her name was in fact Patti!

I then asked the local restaurant if they had seen her and someone said they had but she had been picked up by a woman and put in a car. Had Patti been kidnapped?! No – we discovered a post on Facebook of Patti smiling, as if saying to me “Just off on a little jaunt, don’t know where I’m going with this random woman, but I’m having fun”. I was a little exasperated.

Long story short I found she’d been deposited at a vet, who asked if I could collect her immediately as she was “stressing out the inpatients”. I still don’t quite know how!

We made up and Patti didn’t leave my side after that. Even if I went swimming she would dive in and sit on my head. Which isn’t the best look, feeling or easy way to swim!

So that’s me and my holiday. Share with us your adventures at @themirandashop insta – we’d love to hear– we’re family after all.

Enjoy the new product launch – which includes some car air fresheners and a rucksack for any ‘back to school’ work and commuting and indeed future holidays.

Such fun.

Love oo


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